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Helen Hodalj


"Helen Hodalj is a third generation dancer, being taken to Knee Deep Squares as a toddler and sleeping under the speaker in a beanbag while her mum and grandparents danced.

Helen learnt to dance with Cliff Keenan, Reg Carey and Frank Johnson aka Grandad.

When Grandad passed in 1996, Jan Johnson (Mum) took over the square dance calling and Helen took over the rounds. Helen has since been involved with NSW Square Dance Association as Southern NSW Officer, and NSW ARDA Representative.

In 2015 she co-convened the NSW State Convention, and has cued at multiple state and national conventions over the past 22 years, attending her first national convention at the age of 9.

Helen spreads her time between her husband and three children, working (teaching kids to swim & aqua aerobics), their Welsh pony & cob stud, and of course dancing.

Helen not only round dances/cues to phase 4, but also enjoys MS, Plus, and Advanced squares, as well as the occasional clog. 

Helen is really happy to be involved with the 2020 National Convention. For any queries on rounds come have a chat with Helen "