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Maree Huffadine


How you first got involved in square dancing:  I saw a demonstration in the shopping centre, got a leaflet took it home and lost it. Some years later I was in hospital and a friend visited me and told me she and her husband were going square dancing and that’s how Ron and I started square dancing.


We started square dancing in 1987 at Smithfield after dancing for about 12 months we joined competition teams and danced in different teams until about 2000.


Calling experience: I completed a caller school in 1992 with Chris Froggatt and started Union Square Dance Club one month later, and had that club for almost 10 years.

I was the caller for Ghostriders club at Campbelltown from 2000 till 2003 and I trained competition teams from 1994 till 2001. I was the junior MC and trophy secretary for about 5 years. I took over Panther Squares in 1995 and am still running that club. I  have been calling for 26 years and dancing for 31 years.


Favourite singing call:  Too many to say


Interests outside of square dancing: Any type of craft eg patchwork, crocheting, card making, leather work, genealogy and family.


Favourite Movies: Old classic movies and T.V. shows like Home and Away, documentaries and true crime