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Square Dance Caller WA

I started square Dancing in 1972. I leant to dance with Steve Turner when  he was calling at Sommers St Hall in Belmont. My mother and two sisters were already dancing before I started so they helped me to learn. After a few weeks l was drafted into Steve Turner’s promotion dress set The Western Twirlers. It was when practising in my parent’s garage that I asked Steve if l could have a call and that is when my calling career started.

In 1974 l moved to Kalgoorlie for work and that is where l stared my first club Moving Stars. I moved back to Perth in 1977 and had to have a break from calling because of work. I started calling again in 1982 where l started calling for Rocky Top SDC. ln 1982 l starting calling for White Gum Valley until 1998. We then moved to Bunbury for a seachange where l started a club called Ross’s Sou’ Westers after moving to Mandurah l had to take a break again because of work. In 2003 Paul Long asked me if l would co call with him for Dolphins SDC which l did until 2005. ln 2009 I was asked to co call at the White Gum Valley SDC. I have now been calling for White Gum Valley to the present day.

I have in total been calling for thirty-one years and  have attended twenty National conventions  and called at fifteen.

I have held the position of President and Vice President of the CAWA. I am a member of the Australian Callers Federation.

I first met my wife Dianna at the Riverside Square Dance Club in our early teens and have been happily married for 45 years.

Now when l am not calling we are caravanning or cruising around.