Susanne Horvat


Susanne started square dancing in 2016 at a “Mountain Devils” new dancer program. In 2017 she took up an extra evening square dancing at “Panther Squares” with Maree and Ron Huffadine and also day-time classes with Margaret and Barbara at Wesley Seniors in Pitt St. Sydney.

Over the past two years Susanne has been delighted with the fun and the valued friendships that she’s made square dancing. It’s for these reasons that she wants to promote this marvellous activity and has been actively spreading the word about square dancing.

Susanne has given three presentations to various groups on the benefits of square dancing which have concluded in getting up a square of people, putting on some music and taking them through some moves. A great time has been had by all. Susanne has placed a number of articles in the community news section of two different local papers which have resulted in many new comers to “Mountain Devils” new dancer program. Susanne put together the 2020 National Convention static display, which attracted many people at the Perth National. She was instrumental in raising funds for a cash prize for those who completed an expressions of interest in Perth, for the 2020 National in the Blue Mountains. This resulted in well over two hundred interested people on a contact list. These dancers will be kept up to date on any news and other local and historical points of interest regarding the 2020 Convention.

With a passion for square dancing, communicating on a personal level and helping people, Susanne says that she will be turning herself inside out and upside down to give all those who come to the 2020 Convention, great fun and amazing memories to last a life time !!!