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The Venue

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Blue Mountains Grammar School (BMGS), established in 1918, is an independent school  in Wentworth Falls  New South Wales, Australia. As you drive up to the old style wrought iron and brickwork gates, you can already feel yourself entering a bygone age, older and more genteel.

Set in a large expanse of rolling grasslands, the school shows all the beauty of a bygone era. A perfect match for the theme of this Convention. The school's main hall will be used as the Convention's secondary hall. It is a full size hall, with a stage and a cafeteria.

The main hall will be in the school's sports building. A large multi-storey building with twin basketball courts.  There is also a large mezzanine level where the stalls will fit nicely giving the suppliers and shoppers a great view of the dancers. Plenty of rooms for meetings as there are rooms available upstairs, with tables, chairs and audio visual equipment. As befits a sports centre, there are plenty of toilets, with change rooms and showers, for your convenience.

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